What is CoffeeBreak?

What is CoffeeBreak? What is this all about? 😮

Well, this site will serve as a platform for me to share interesting events going on around my location, such as Louisville KY (which is where I currently live) as well as other places that I may travel to. I will also be posting short reads on organizations and individuals who are making positive impacts in the communities, travel tips, travel stories, and just about anything that’d make for an interesting blurb.

Also, I’ll be sharing my photography and videos from itProductions on here as well! I do take inquiries for projects and for articles, so anyone interested may contact me at: irena.tran92@gmail.com

But basically, this is a way for me to indulge in my love of writing and the arts and to share it with everyone, too. :) Be on the lookout for more posts in the future and enjoy!


IG: @tranirena

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