Skills USA and WaterStep Reunited: Changing Lives One Shoe at a Time

Louisville, KY has made headlines and trending news this week with the hosting of Skills USA’s 52nd Annual National Leadership Skills and Conference! This is a week long conference where thousands of high school and college students with their instructors come together and demonstrate their skills in technical and service occupations. The students compete against one another in competitions, such as electronics, culinary, and medical assisting, for chances at scholarships and job offers.

This is the SECOND year that WaterStep has partnered with Skills USA to bring a unique global community service opportunity for the students. I had the pleasure of covering this event last year, and it was amazing to see how these students were moved by WaterStep’s commitment to worldwide aid through the gift of clean water.

WaterStep is a Louisville-born nonprofit organization that raises money by collecting shoes for donation, and in turn, utilizing that money to send volunteers and equipment to countries lacking clean water. WaterStep provides the tools that purify the water and teaches the locals about hygiene and water purification. The purpose is that they will be able to continue the process of water purification by themselves, and ultimately, a permanent impact will have been made on that community.

Last year, a particular student was so moved that he took the shoes right off of his feet and donated them on the spot! I was unable to attend this year’s event, but I can only imagine how successful it was and what great experiences everyone gained from it! :)

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