My Summer with AirBnB

“What’s AirBnB? Isn’t it kind of scary?”

I got this question ALL the time whenever someone asked me where I was living. I had spent my summer down in Atlanta doing an internship, in a city where I knew no one, so I decided to try out AirBnB… Long term.

In my AirBnB home, the host was actually living there, too, so it was kind of like having a housemate. She lived upstairs, but we shared the kitchen and living room areas. I guess it could have been weird living with a complete stranger, but it really wasn’t! We ended up cooking and eating dinner together on a lot of the nights, and we even hung out on “game night!”

Honestly, it was kind of nice living with the host, especially with not really knowing anyone in a new city. We would talk about work, about life, and rant if we needed to at night. I even got life advice too, haha. You could say that I lucked out in having a host that I got along so well with, but I think for the most part, AirBnB hosts are friendly and accommodating since they are opening their homes to everyone.

After 3 mon14203528_10208962920524542_1378211287_oths of living with a stranger in her home, I’m happy to say that I had a GREAT experience, and I made a friend out of that stranger!! To anyone considering AirBnB in their travels, I’d have to say to just give it a chance! Try something new, meet new people, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

All I know from my solo adventures this summer in the ATL is that: comfort is all good and fine, but there is so much more to experience when you take that first step towards the unknown. ❤

AirBnB, give it a shot!

Me and my travel buddy at our AirBnB home :)

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