BELLISSIMA | Umbertide, Italia

“So, how is it? Living in Italy?”

Only one word can describe it right now: Bellissima

Aka. Gorgeous, very beautiful, and anything that falls in that realm


It has been great living over here for almost 2 weeks now. It’s different, and it’s hard to communicate and figure out things whenever we go out or go to work, but it’s totally worth it. So, I’m just going to go ahead and list the top 5 things that I love so far!

  • Scenery. Umbertide is a smaller town/ city than places like Rome or Venice. It’s more local and less tourist-centered, so we’re getting a taste of what regular life is really like out here. We’re living at Vigne di Pace, which is basically living on a vineyard, and everything we see is beautiful. Our “home,” the downtown, the mountains, the landscape, and the sunsets and sunrises (which I still have yet to see 😮 ) are all amazing!!
  • Culture. We were thrown into a completely different culture without much preparation, and well, we’re adjusting! We’re learning the language, the hand gestures, and the mindset of life in Italia. We’ll be more Italian by the time we leave this country <3
  • People. Overall, everyone we’ve met has been super friendly—the PT’s at work, the patients, the everyday people we’ve seen. Even though there’re communication barriers and cultural barriers, we’ve only been welcomed with open arms, warm smiles, food, and great company.
  • Food. Of course food! Not everything is pasta, but a lot is. Haha. I can’t say I’ve known everything that I’ve eaten since I’ve been here, but it has been delicious. This includes: homemade pasta, seafood, meats, desserts (tiramisu, gelato), kebabs, coffee/ cappuccino/ espresso, and wines!
  • Lifestyle. Life here feels so much slower than what we’re used to. We still have to get to work on time and be punctual, but it’s just not as rushed. Also, if things aren’t always perfect or don’t always go exactly as planned, it’s okay. It’ll work itself out, and everything will be fine. The level of stress and busyness in our lives feel drastically less, and it’s SO refreshing.

Of course there are some things that we wished we had or that were different to make it easier on us, but that’s not what we’re focusing on today! That’ll be in a future post on TIPS for traveling here. Ciao! :)


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